Hampton Small Boats Head

At the always-competitive Hampton Small Boats Head, the juniors won gold (WJ15 1x), silver (WJ15 4x+) and bronze (J15 2x) medals.

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Veteran Fours Head

Racing in glorious sunshine the day after a very grey Fours Head, the club's masters also returned some impressive results.

Fastest crew of the day was the Masters B quad of Tim Male, Mark Mitchell, Mike Hennessy and Antony Smith, who finished almost eighteen seconds clear of the field.  

The day after their Fours Head sweep pennants, Rowi Mortimer and Caroline Matthews won in Women's Masters A quads, racing in a composite with Beks Edgar (Quintin) and Lorna Cardwell (Mortlake), while Judith Schulz had a second sweep win of the weekend, in a C coxless four along with Kate Grose, Lizzie Stutters and Kingston's Caroline Willett

Jo Al-Janabi, Kasia Lawrence, Kathryn Hickmott and Katie Robins had a decisive win in Women's Masters E quads, the club's third fourth successive win in this event (including a composite win in 2013). In Masters F quads, Vicky Sixsmith, Judith Behan, Kate Bridges and Zoe Burns were unopposed.

There was also a win in Masters Novice coxed quads as club president Guy Greaves, marking fifty years of coxing tideway heads, steered Nathan Townsend, Marcus Hine, Chris Taylor Reed and Conor O'Neill to a win over Globe.

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Fours Head

A very successful day at the Head of the River Fours, raced on 12th November, saw the club claim three and three-quarter pennants.

The coxless four of Charlotte Dexter, Rowi Mortimer, Olivia Uguz and Georgina Grandfield set a new course record on their way to winning the Women's IM1 pennant. Also in coxless fours, Andrea Finn, Judith Schulz and Caroline Matthews, with Quintin's Beks Edgar, won Women's Senior.

There were also wins in coxed fours, for the Women's IM1 boat of Rachel Francis, Emily Walters, Holly Smith, Anna Terry and cox Sophie Shapter, and in Women's IM2 Katie Potter, Rhona MacCallum, Katy Wilkinson-Feller and Sally Trump, coxed by Zoe Davies.

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GB Trials

There were some strong performances from the athletes attending the GB Rowing Team first winter assessment in Boston.

Saturday's 2k erg test saw Kieran Brown, Kate Erickson and Katy Wilkinson-Feller all pull PBs. In the following day's 5k singles time trials, Katy was 5th openweight woman overall and top under-23; Marcus was 13th lightweight man overall (5th under-23 and 3rd under-20) and Kieran 18th. Kate was 15th in the BUCS rankings.

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Kingston Small Boats Head

The club had a very good day at Kingston Small Boats Head, returning with pennants from both divisions:

  • WJ18 4x
  • J18 1x
  • Nv 1x
  • WJ15 4x+
  • MD 1x
  • J15 4x+
  • WJ16 4x
  • WIM3 2x
  • WJ15 1x